Together we connect people in the One World so they can learn from each other.
You’re just one step away from your gateway to the world. Go weltwärts!
Working together in partnership for sustainable development.
Contribute your experience and skills to make a real difference – for greater global equality.
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Overview weltwärts

Working together for the One World

weltwärts brings people from Germany, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Oceania and Eastern Europe together through volunteering and exchange projects. weltwärts is all about mutual learning and stronger international partnerships. weltwärts stands for development engagement, global learning and equitable encounters.

weltwärts – one step further

  • Experiencing and understanding global interdependencies
  • Contributing to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Experiencing the world off the beaten track
  • Public-sector funding and civil society initiatives
  • Quality and security


Svenja Schulze

One year with weltwärts is something quite special. As a young person, you get to work for a cause that is close to your heart and get to know the world and yourself better: These experiences give you a tailwind – for a lifetime. With weltwärts, we are helping build the global community.

Federal Development Minister Svenja Schulze

Working together in partnership is a vital aspect of the weltwärts programme. Implementing weltwärts in Germany and worldwide would not be possible without this approach and collaborative expertise.

Astrid Neumann, head of the weltwärts Coordination Unit

Portrait of Dr Jens Kreuter

Participating in the weltwärts volunteer service is a truly extraordinary experience that broadens your horizons, has a lasting impact and is always a major learning experience.

Dr Jens Kreuter, Managing Director of Engagement Global gGmbH

Portrait of Barbara Kerime

We are all learners. As the programme evolves, all of us continue to learn and to grow within it.

Barbara Kerime, member of the Programme Steering Committee of the Catholic Federation of Volunteering Schemes

The great potential offered by weltwärts lies in the collaborative effort to promote development volunteering worldwide.

Lourens de Jong, member of the Programme Steering Committee of the quality association ventao

Illustration of a woman

The success of the North-South Component has been achieved through the very good working relationship with all stakeholders..

Mara Feulner, civil society coordinator of the Programme Steering Committee and representative of the quality association weltoffen


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