To me, weltwärts is a persuasive form of active partnership between the sending and host organisations.
Andrea Wolter (Bread for the World)
People need to meet, to exchange, to learn from each other and to work together no matter their background and their histories.
Dominique Uwimana (Association des Jeunes Sportifs, ESPERANCE)
weltwärts builds bridges between North and South that rest on the pillars of trust, tolerance and friendship.
Dr. K.S. Malathi (Karl Kübel Foundation India)
It has been a wonderful experience working with weltwärts and I just have to say that weltwärts is bringing the world together.
Maitreyee Sathyanarayan (Dream School Foundation)
The volunteers who return to their home countries have a strong influence on local civil society. That is a form of social participation.
Natalia Buitrago Ramos (Fundación 180 Ramos de Buitrago)
It’s very special to interact with people who share the same passions, who have had similar experiences and who want to make things happen. Even more so if that translates into real action.
Yudith Marie Ntibizerwa (Friends of Ruanda)
Comprehensive advice for organisations

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The weltwärts Coordination Unit at Engagement Global advises organisations on all aspects of the weltwärts programme. Would you like to know more about applications, approval, implementation or interim proof of use? Contact the Coordination Unit for free advice. Get in touch!

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What is weltwärts?

weltwärts is as colourful and lively as the diversity of its civil society partners who implement the programme. Every individual place of assignment owes its existence to the commitment and partnership spirit of organisations in Germany and in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Oceania and Eastern Europe

Why weltwärts?

  • Active partnership – in the spirit of the 2030 Agenda
  • Professional volunteer service
  • Partnership between government and civil society
  • Worldwide network of organisations
  • High-level quality assurance


Document Centre

Whether you need an application for a federal grant, a call for funds form or a template interim proof-of-use report, our Document Centre contains all the important forms and documents that you may need in connection with the weltwärts volunteer service.

Becoming a partner organisation

Is your organisation thinking about sending volunteers to Germany? Or would you like to start hosting volunteers from Germany? To get involved as a weltwärts partner organisation, you need to establish a partnership with an approved German implementing organisation.

The weltwärts joint operation

The Programme Steering Committee, the highest-level decision-making body in the weltwärts programme, consists of 15 members who represent state and civil society stakeholders. The BMZ occupies two seats, while the weltwärts Coordination Unit (wCU) of Engagement Global has three. The German implementing organisations are divided into four shared-interest groups, who share eight seats. Finally, two seats are occupied by the political representation group of volunteers in international volunteering (PFIF).

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Where necessary, the Programme Steering Committee (PSC) can form working groups that draw up proposals on specific issues. Based on these proposals, the PSC takes decisions on the continued development of the programme. In the past, working groups have been formed to work on the introduction of the South-North component, amendments to the general quality criteria, or inclusion.

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