Yanneck remained involved with his sending organisation upon his return, so he continued to contribute to weltwärts by assisting with the selection and preparatory seminars for the next groups of volunteers.
After her weltwärts volunteer assignment, Laura now shares her experiences with other people through her work as an advisor for “Bildung trifft Entwicklung”. Her focus is on questioning consumption habits in a globalised world.
Muyisa is a supervising tutor in the field of development education. He helps committed individuals to promote their efforts to achieve more global justice through FEB-funded training courses for multipliers.
PFIF, the political representation group of volunteers in international volunteering services, promotes the continued involvement of former weltwärts volunteers in the weltwärts programme. To this end, returnees Carlota and Luca were appointed to the Programme Steering Committee.
Need to know more about continued involvement and funding?

Engagement Global’s Advisory and Networking Office for Development Activities (MMZ) offers personalised advice on engagement and funding. It can put you in touch with sources of funding and educational opportunities, and advises on ways to continue contributing within a wider development network spanning Germany and the world.

Helping to shape weltwärts

Your continued contribution as a former volunteer is valuable for weltwärts and our One World! Talk about your experiences with new volunteers or share them with the wider public. Read on to find out how you can continue to stay involved after your service.

Project reports

How can I stay involved?

I’d like to contribute towards a sending organisation.

I’d like to contribute towards shaping the weltwärts programme.

I’d like to apply as a speaker.

I’d like some advice on funding for my project.

Do you want to get other returnees excited about your ideas?

Feel like presenting your project or need support for your initiative? Why not share your experiences and ideas on the weltwärts website! Simply send us a brief summary of the content you’d like to publish.

How can volunteers from Germany complete a volunteer service abroad?

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