Drishti pursued a course in German studies in Mumbai and after graduation, opted to volunteer for weltwärts in Germany. In Frankfurt, she assists North-South volunteers as they prepare for their assignments in India.
Mor Niass from Senegal was looking for inspiration – so he decided to spend a year volunteering in Germany. In Tennental, Baden-Württemberg, he volunteered for a project for people with disabilities.
After qualifying as a shipping agent, Sebastian decided to join weltwärts. In Peru, he developed a passion for fair-trade cocoa and coffee.

Volunteering in Germany with weltwärts

What is weltwärts?

Through weltwärts, a development volunteer service, you can spend between six and 18 months volunteering in Germany for a non-profit project in a variety of fields, including education, health, environment, culture or human rights. weltwärts is all about learning together with others and enjoying an intercultural exchange.

Why volunteer in Germany with the weltwärts programme?

  • Equitable intercultural exchange
  • Strong pedagogical support
  • A programme for everyone - regardless of budget
  • Wide variety of themes and places of assignment
  • Publicly funded: a safe way to go abroad

Volunteering in Germany with weltwärts - step by step

01 Information

So you’re considering a weltwärts volunteer service? Good choice! Be sure to start gathering information about Germany, possible volunteer projects and requirements at an early stage. Think about why you want to go abroad and what you want to achieve.

02 Application

Your application is not addressed to weltwärts directly, but to the sending organisation in your country that participates in the weltwärts programme. Once you have chosen a sending organisation, inform yourself of the process you need to follow.

03 Selection

The sending organisations will invite applicants to a selection interview. Should you be successful, your sending organisation will let you know. You then sign a volunteering agreement.

04 Preparation

A foreign volunteer service requires thorough preparation. That is why weltwärts holds preparatory seminars for all volunteers. Your own preparations are important, too. For instance, take some time to learn about Germany or even some basic German.

05 Departure

All preparations have to come to an end at some point. Then it’s time to pack your bags and leave! Maybe you’ll be travelling with other volunteers. Either way, there’s plenty of excitement up ahead.

06 On site

Most volunteer assignments last for around one year. While you are abroad, there’s a lot of learning to do and cultural experiences to be had. A mid-term seminar is a welcome opportunity for volunteers to discuss their experiences to date with their peers.

07 Return

For sure you’ll be returning from your assignment with lots of new impressions and experiences. Now is the time to reflect and process – ideally, by attending the returnee seminar offered by your sending organisation.

08 Staying involved upon return

Your volunteer assignment may be over, but you can continue to contribute at home. Did you come to feel strongly about certain issues you encountered during your stay abroad? Remember you can stay involved after your return, too!

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Requirements for Volunteering in Germany

  • You are between 18 and 28 years of age. In exceptional cases participants aged 29 or over may be admitted.
  • You are in good enough health to complete a volunteering assignment abroad.
  • You have a school-leaving qualification, a vocational qualification or equivalent work experience.
  • Your country of residence appears on the DAC list of the OECD.
  • You are a team player and open-minded.
  • You are enthusiastic about social engagement and development issues.

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