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More international volunteers in Germany

More international volunteers come to Germany

Looking to the medium term, from 2017 onwards up to 800 young people from overseas will be able to do voluntary service in Germany.The young men and women coming to Germany this year as weltwärts volunteers hail from about 50 different countries.

Photo: Engagement Global, Thomas Ecke
Photo: Engagement Global, Thomas Ecke

What awaits me?

You receive intensive training for your assignment both from the sending organisation in your country and from the host organisation in Germany. The seminars give you a realistic picture of the living and work conditions you can expect to see. They make it clear how important it is to be gentle with other people and treat them with respect.

Irena from Argentina
From Buenos Aires to Gelsenkirchen: Irena recounts her experience during her volunteer service in Germany.

"The world doesn’t end in Argentina!"

Argentine Irena Balbuena took part in the South-North component of the weltwärts volunteer service. For her assignment with the Evangelical Church of Westphalia, she was posted to the parish of Hassel-Lukas in Gelsenkirchen. She worked with people from a wide variety of age groups – the focus being on “learning from each other”. In our interview, she tells us all about her time as a volunteer.