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Quality, health, and safety for volunteers

Learn more about our precautions for quality standards, and health and safety for volunteers participating in the weltwärts programme

Quality, and health and safety for volunteers have the utmost priority at weltwärts. The German implementing organisations are carefully chosen and assessed and have to comply with a range of quality standards. They work with partners in the volunteers’ home countries. Volunteers are only deployed at assessed, registered places of assignment and they receive support during their period of service. All places of assignment are subject to joint, programme-wide quality standards. On this page we explain how the implementation of the programme is constantly assessed and evolved.

A high-quality learning experience

The weltwärts programme is committed to quality, and all organisations involved in the implementation of the volunteer service have to comply with joint quality standards. These include, for example, requirements concerning approval of places of assignment, specified seminar content as part of education and mentoring activities and ensured good-quality support for all volunteers. These standards are set out in the funding guideline and catalogue of quality standards for the programme. The German organisations regularly discuss quality issues and attend training courses. The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Engagement Global and the organisations themselves monitor and evolve the programme in an ongoing process aided by surveys and certification.

The main quality features of the weltwärts volunteer service are:

Approved host organisations

Approved host organisations

All weltwärts organisations must first undergo an extensive assessment to ensure that they comply with the quality standards for the programme and constantly develop their activities.

Registered places of assignment

Registered places of assignment

Voluntary service can only be done at places of assignment that have already been registered for weltwärts. In the South-North programme, the volunteer service is run in cooperation with the Federal Volunteer Service (BFD). All of the places of assignment are therefore registered with and approved by the Federal Volunteer Service too. The registration process is based on specified quality criteria. Your job at the place of assignment should neither over-challenge nor under-challenge you. A further requirement for approval as a place of assignment is that it has qualified staff to provide you with support and instruction.

Education and mentoring

Education and mentoring

Part of your weltwärts voluntary service is the accompanying educational programme of at least 25 days of seminars in Germany before, during and after your assignment. There are also preparation and follow-up activities in your home country, which may differ depending on the partner involved. These education and mentoring activities include organisational matters, information about the host country, opportunities to share experiences and think about other perspectives, plus a chance to develop global awareness and question global interrelationships. German lessons can also be part of the education and mentoring, which is carried out by the German implementing organisations with the organisations in the partner countries.

Mentors in Germany

Mentors in Germany

In addition to the designated contacts at your implementing organisation and the people responsible for giving you instruction at your place of assignment, weltwärts provides you with a mentor to support your during your voluntary service in the country of assignment. For instance, your mentor might help you settle in and assist you with any questions or problems.

Going safely "weltwärts"

The weltwärts programme sees your safety as a priority. Our collaboration with experienced, professional partners in Germany and abroad, combined with a solid safety strategy, ensure you receive extensive support during your voluntary service.

All weltwärts implementing organisations have their own crisis management systems and support volunteers on the ground. Volunteers have designated contacts in Germany and are informed whom they can contact in the event of a crisis or an emergency. The implementing organisations also ensure full insurance cover (international health, accident and liability insurance) and help volunteers apply for the right visa.

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Flyer: Help is available if you experience sexual violence

"Sexualised violence can happen anywhere! Wherever and whenever it happens, it is an injustice!" The flyer provides advice for volunteers who have experienced sexualised violence. It contains information on how sexualised violence is defined, its impacts and consequences, medical care options and, most importantly, various organisations where victims can seek advice.

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