Quality associations

To ensure consistently high quality throughout the weltwärts programme, programme-wide quality criteria and quality-oriented programme steering are necessary. This is why a requirement was introduced in 2013 for all weltwärts organisations to either join an existing quality association or set one up with other organisations. The quality associations ensure compliance with the programme’s quality standards, drawing on external certification bodies to assist them, and support the weltwärts organisations’ quality-development efforts.

AGDF weltwärts quality association

Founded in 1968/69, AGDF is an umbrella association of 33 organisations and institutions that are all engaged in peace work in Germany and abroad, usually in a protestant context, and that have different priority areas and work programmes.

The association runs courses, regularly informs its member organisations about relevant developments at weltwärts and provides advice and support regarding quality assurance and quality development. In addition to regular meet-ups of all its organisations, the association promotes visits between the organisations, strong personal contacts and networking.

Organisations looking to join the weltwärts quality association do not have to be members of AGDF but they do need to identify with its mission statement

To the mission statement

Contact: Judith Behrens

Phone: +49 (0) 228 24999 12
Mobile: +49 (0) 160 90171990
E-mail: behrens@friedensdienst.de
To the Website: www.friedensdienst.de

fid/AGIAMONDO quality association

The fid/AGIAMONDO quality association is an alliance of weltwärts implementing organisations and their international partners in religious, peace and development fields.

It is part of the political representation of the member organisations of the “Katholische Verbund Internationaler Freiwilligendienste” (Catholic alliance of international volunteer services) and assists the weltwärts programme’s “national contact points for visa/security matters” for Mexico, Malawi, the Philippines and Tanzania.

The association seeks to promote networking between its members and thus to enhance the quality of international volunteer services. To this end, it offers knowledge-sharing opportunities in the form of demand-led courses, conferences, partner conferences and quality circles.

These networking forums are supplemented by individual advice in the outgoing and incoming segments.  

weltoffen im AKLHÜ e.V. quality association

weltoffen is an ideologically neutral alliance of around 40 sending and host organisations in the AKLHÜ (Learning and Helping Overseas Association), which together support some 1,800 German and international volunteers every year. It comprises implementing organisations of different structures, origins and outlooks from across Germany.

weltoffen offers its member organisations training and advice on educational and administrative topics as well as promoting networking between them through periodic meetings, quality circles and an online platform.

The quality association also facilitates a forum for communication and cooperation with various other players and areas of employment in the AKLHÜ.

Protestant volunteer services’ weltwärts quality association (EQEB)

This quality association is run by Evangelische Freiwilligendienste gGmbH and supported by Brot für die Welt. Both organisations have experience in the field of volunteer service and development cooperation. EQEB’s work is guided by the Christian idea of humanity and the goals of equity, peace and integrity of creation.

EQEB’s activities are conducted on the basis of the “Quality Development and Quality Management for Volunteers Abroad” handbook, published by the protestant implementing organisations’ group, which includes the requirements specific to the weltwärts development volunteer service.

EQEB has defined a quality system for its members, which fosters participation and dialogue, process orientation and a focus on practical needs.

Contact: Daniela Puhrsch, Ev. Freiwilligendienste gGmbH

Phone: +49 (0) 511 450 0083 35
E-mail: d.puhrsch@ev-freiwilligendienste.de

weltwärts Exchange Organisations in Development Cooperation (VENTAO)

The organisations represented by ventao vary in size, method and focus. The association’s aim is to help its members organise high-quality learning and exchange services for young people in the field of development cooperation while still retaining their different approaches.

The majority of ventao’s member organisations work with their partners abroad on other projects too.

Contact: Nina Palm und Lourens de Jong

Phone: +49 (0) 30 314 818 34
E-mail: info@ventao.org
To the Website: www.ventao.org