Your feedback on weltwärts – Tell us what you think!

Your chance to help weltwärts evolve

Your experience of the weltwärts volunteer service plays an important role in the continuing development of the programme. Our annual online volunteer survey is a chance for all returnees in the South-North and North-South components to help shape the programme by providing direct feedback.

Tell us what you think!

A few months after you’ve finished your weltwärts voluntary service, you’ll receive an email with a link to a questionnaire in which we ask you to rate your weltwärts experience. This is an opportunity for you to give us feedback on your weltwärts assignment and how you developed personally during it, the education and mentoring provided by your sending organisation and other topics. Since autumn 2013, the survey has been conducted and evaluated in anonymous, online form by uzbonn, an independent institute. 2019 saw the South-North volunteers included in the survey for the first time, giving them the chance to share their opinions too – and to help weltwärts evolve for the future. Our goal is for all returnees to participate in the survey so that the results are as meaningful as possible. So – tell us what you think!


What happens to my feedback?

The findings from the volunteer survey are a key pillar in weltwärts’ quality development. uzbonn evaluate your ideas and experiences and they are then examined and discussed at length by all stakeholders within the weltwärts joint operation. Feedback has a direct impact on the evolution of the programme. For instance, if the survey shows a particular issue has been mentioned by a number of volunteers, it will be looked into further. It was feedback in the survey that resulted in a flyer on what to do if you witness or experience sexualised violence yourself, for example.

In addition, the findings provide the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) with evidence of how effective weltwärts is – but also of where there is room for improvement. The positive results in recent years reveal high levels of programme effectiveness and volunteer satisfaction. They were therefore also key to ensuring that weltwärts is held in high regard and continues to receive funding from the BMZ.

Did you know?

In 2018, 94% of volunteers stated that they were quite satisfied to very satisfied with their voluntary service.

Findings of the last North-South volunteer survey

In the past few years, volunteers’ overall satisfaction with their time on the weltwärts programme was very high. In both 2017 and 2018, 94% of the North-South volunteers stated that they were quite satisfied to very satisfied with their voluntary service – a continuation of the positive assessment of previous years.

Take a look at the findings of last year’s survey to find out how many respondents would recommend weltwärts to their friends and acquaintances, how satisfied they were with their places of assignment and the education and mentoring provided and how weltwärts has affected them in terms of future career choices.

Findings of the 2018 weltwärts programme volunteer survey

The findings from previous years are available in our “Publications” section.


As soon as we have the findings of the first South-North volunteer survey, we will post them here.