Requirements for Volunteering

So you want to take part in weltwärts or are at least very keen to learn more and want to know the requirements for volunteering?? Read on to find out.

Formal requirements

  1. Citizenship of a country that’s currently on the DAC list
  2. At least 18 and no more than 28 years of age or 35 if you have an impairment or disability.
  3. Suitable state of health for voluntary service in Germany
  4. A school-leaving qualification, vocational training or similar experience gained, for example, on internships or volunteering schemes
  5. An appropriate visa for your stay in Germany. The host organisation in Germany and sending organisation in your home country will help you apply for one.

To the DAC list

Photo of a group of volunteers in front of a colourful wall. Two volunteers are sitting on a windowsill. The others are standing in front of them.
During your voluntary service, you’ll meet people you’d never have met if it weren’t for weltwärts.

Required personal and social skills

  • Team skills
  • Open-mindedness
  • Willingness to learn
  • Resourcefulness
  • Willingness to get involved in civic engagement and to explore development issues
  • Basic knowledge of German or a willingness to learn the language

Remember: During your assignment, you’ll constantly be confronted by new things that you don’t understand straight away. That’s why you’ll also need patience and the ability to treat others with respect and tolerance.

Costs covered

weltwärts is for everyone - regardless of the financial possibilities of the volunteers.