Preparation for the Volunteer Experience

So you’ve been selected for the weltwärts volunteer service? Congratulations! There are lots of things to consider when preparing for your assignment. We’ve put together a summary of the most important points here.

Preparing in your home country

In your home country, you will work with your sending organisation and other volunteers to prepare for service with weltwärts. During this phase, you will be given an introduction to life and work in Germany and to the German language in addition to thinking about your own role during your assignment.

As well as your expectations and ideas about what awaits you, you and your fellow volunteers will discuss challenges you might find yourself facing when you arrive and begin settling in to life in a new country. You’ll also start looking at development issues that are closely linked to practical challenges and the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Four volunteers sitting cross-legged on a lawn. In front of them are pieces of paper with words written on them.
Moving forward together.

Getting ready

As you prepare for your voluntary service, you’ll get a great deal of support from your sending and host organisations. There are also regular opportunities for contact with returnees – a valuable source of information. Here’s a list of the essentials:

Your visa

It’s important to apply for your visa or residence permit as soon as you know when you will be leaving for assignment. Do bear in mind that it can take some time for a visa to be issued. Your agreement with your future place of assignment in Germany is essential for your visa application. Your sending organisation will help you with any questions concerning your visa.


If you need specific vaccinations in order to be able to work at your place of assignment, your sending organisation will inform you in good time.

Your flight

The sending and hosting organisations will book your flight to Germany for you.

Good to know!

Participation in weltwärts is free of charge for all volunteers. Either your sending organisation or the organisation in Germany will reimburse you for any costs incurred during your preparation for your assignment.

Seminars in Germany

The seminars are a key part of your time as a weltwärts volunteer. The topics they deal with and what else you can expect at the seminars is explained here: