Help is available if you experience sexual violence

Flyer gives guidance for victims

The flyer provides advice for volunteers who have experienced sexualised violence. It contains information on how sexualised violence is defined, its impacts and consequences, medical care options and, most importantly, various organisations to which victims can turn for advice.

Sexualised violence can happen anywhere! Wherever and whenever it happens, it is an injustice.

Those affected often ask themselves, “Does my experience really count as sexualised violence?” The flyer provides clear answers by defining the different forms of such violence. It also underlines the fact that the decisive criterion is always the victim’s view of what happened. The aggression always comes from the perpetrator. Those affected by sexualised violence are not guilty of anything.

Sexualised violence can have both mental and physical consequences. The flyer provides details of both as well as listing various organisations in Germany to which victims can turn for help or support.

The flyer’s authors

The flyer was produced by weltwärts with the assistance of various civil society organisations.

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