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Ten years of development volunteer service in one brochure

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the weltwärts development volunteer service, Engagement Global has published a brochure in which the various stakeholders on the programme relate their weltwärts experiences.

Ten years of weltwärts – ten years of global learning and solidarity. The brochure features volunteers’ accounts of life in their host countries and with their host families as well as the work their assignments involved. Returnees describe how volunteer service changed them and how they have continued their active involvement in development work back home in Germany.

The brochure also spotlights various initiatives set up by former volunteers, such as “Weltwärts in Color” and the “undjetzt?! Conference”. Plus, employees from the partner organisations and mentors in the host countries report on the opportunities and challenges that arise from working with volunteers.

The result is a 68-page brochure that provides a comprehensive portrayal of weltwärts from various perspectives. A brochure that takes a critical look at the programme whilst also showing how the development volunteer service affects people’s lives and can trigger a process of transformation.

Order your copy

The brochure is available in four languages: German, English, Spanish and French. To order, simply send an email to the address below, stating how many copies you would like and in which language:

E-Mail: sekretariat@weltwaerts.de

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