Registration Opportunity for Partner Organisations

Presentation now possible on the weltwärts website

The partner organisations in the countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe are important actors of the weltwärts programme. Together with the German sending organisations, they carry out the volunteer service. Effective immediately, partner organisations have the opportunity to present themselves with their profile and contact information on the weltwärts website.

Through a form on the respective English, Spanish or French weltwärts website, partner organisations can register and create a profile online that can be edited at any time. Along with information about their work and contact information, they have the opportunity to indicate with which German partners they work within the scope of weltwärts and whether they host volunteers from Germany, send volunteers to Germany or take part in both components of the programme.

For the visitors of the weltwärts website, this makes it more transparent which partner organisations from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe participate in the weltwärts programme. Furthermore, Richard Tooro sees more value for the partner organisations themselves in this new registration opportunity. The Director of Kabarole Tours in Uganda was one of the first to create a profile: “We really appreciate the new opportunity of registering our organisation on the weltwärts-website since it is a good chance for us to get a better visibility for our work with volunteers. We also hope this will ease up future cooperations with other organisations.”

The users of the website can filter the partner organisations by region and country and learn more about their work. The organisations appear – depending on the offer – in a list of the partner organisations hosting or sending volunteers. If they take part in both components of the weltwärts programme, they can then be found in both views.

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