Keep up to date with the weltwärts partners’ newsletter

Having been floated in recent years, the idea of a weltwärts partners’ newsletter from the joint operation was approved at the PSC meeting last December and the first issue will be out soon. The newsletter is aimed at all weltwärts stakeholders, especially our partners in the Global South. It will keep implementing and partner organisations up to date with overarching developments on the weltwärts programme. The goal is to provide transparent, easy-to-understand information on where the weltwärts funding programme is heading and on the findings of events such as partner conferences that deal with cross-cutting issues.


The newsletter project is being managed by Lourens de Jong, the PSC member for the ventao quality association, and Natalie Tawamba Tessa from the weltwärts Coordination Unit. It will be published in English, Spanish, French and German (all with the same content).

Please also feel free to pass this information on to other partners.

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