Invitation: 4th weltwärts Partner Conference in Nagpur, India in February 2019

On behalf of the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Programme Steering Committee as well as on behalf of their Cooperation Partners volunta gGmbH (Frankfurt), Internationaler Bund Südwest gGmbH (Kassel) and bezev e. V. (Essen) and their Indian Partners Ecumenical Sangam (Nagpur) and Dream School Foundation (Bangalore) Deutsch-Indische Zusammenarbeit e.V. is happy to invite to the 4th weltwärts Partner Conference in Nagpur / India for Asia from 19th to 22nd February 2019. Partner organisations from India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, East-Timor, Sri Lanka and Laos are invited.

The Partner Conferences which encompasses all Sending Organisations pursue two aims

  1. To take the perspective of the partner organisations in the Global South more into consideration.
  2. To strengthen the dialogue amongst all partners, that is the BMZ, coordination unit weltwärts and Sending Organisations (SO) on the one hand and the Partner Organisations (PO) on the other hand regarding the overall questions of the programme development; and enhance the networking amongst the Partner Organisations (South-South Networking) of various Sending Organisations, thus strengthening the civil society locally.

The participation will enable to involve deeper into the shaping of this programme. There will be space to exchange views and experiences with POs from India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, East-Timor, Sri Lanka and Laos, with German Partners and official guests from the weltwärts programme in Germany (PSC) and hopefully representatives of the German Missions in India.

In order to be part of the programme we kindly request partner organisations to fill the attached form and send it back by e-mail either to their German sending organisation whom we kindly request to forward the same directly to

E-Mail: wwPC2019@diz-ev.de

Since the capacity is limited the organisations in charge will try to honour the registrations on the basis of regional representation and “first come - first serve” basis. Kindly bear with them, that they will be able to accept one representative per Partner only.

Eligibility: All weltwärts POs and those staff members actively involved in weltwärts activities (e .g. mentors, induction trainers, relevant PO staff) are invited. That means, the person who participates in the Conference should be a practitioner being able to relate about her/his experiences with the weltwärts programme, volunteers and sending organisations from Germany. Due to the restricted number of seats, we also encourage you to send one person who is able to represent several other POs in your vicinity.

Costs of food and lodging, the conference participation costs as well as transportation to the conference by 2nd AC/3-tier sleeper class train (in India) or economy class flight in case you come from a distant place are covered. Air bookings air bookings will be made on request directly by Deutsch-Indische Zusammenarbeit e.V.

Upon presentation of the train ticket at the conference desk in Nagpur with the Indian Partner, the Ecumenical Sangam, you will be reimbursed with the travel costs for the train bookings.

The conference language will be English. Your representative should be fluent in English.

The application deadline is 30th November 2018

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