Developing measures to accompany the programme

Applying for funding

Holding partner conferences; strengthening dialogue and networking on the weltwärts programme; improving education and mentoring activities for volunteers; training mentors and host families; developing non-discriminatory, inclusive routes of access to the volunteer service.

What can be funded?

The aim of accompanying measures is to improve the quality of the weltwärts programme and contribute to collaboration between the stakeholders. Continuous improvement of the education and mentoring activities is a key aspect, focusing on networking and cooperation between and training for the participating organisations. A further aim is to encourage under-represented groups to participate in the weltwärts programme.

In particular, applications can be made for one or more of the following core areas:


Training on volunteer education and mentoring for mentors, representatives of the sending and host organisations and designated contacts at the places of assignment.

Cooperation and networking

Cooperation and networking between the participating weltwärts stakeholders in Germany and the partner countries, e.g. in the form of joint workshops.

Programme quality

General measures to improve the quality of the programme and thus better attain the weltwärts objectives.

Inclusion and diversity

Promotion of inclusion and diversity, particularly by means of targeting, sending and hosting groups previously under-represented in the weltwärts volunteer service, e.g. young adults who have completed a programme of vocational training or higher education or who have an impairment or disability.


Numerous measures have been implemented in past years, including:

  • Partner conferences in Germany and the partner countries
  • Training courses for mentors and host families
  • Development of a manual on methods for seminar instructors
  • Discrimination-sensitive support for volunteers

Follow this link to see a list of various approved measures as a source of inspiration for your own ideas:

List of measures funded to date

Funding volume and period

The rules for accompanying measures are as follows:

  • The funding provided by the BMZ covers a maximum of 75 percent of the total eligible expenditure.
  • The amount of funding per accompanying measure is a maximum of 50,000 euros.
  • Projects must not run for longer than 24 months.

In rare cases, exceptions can be made if the measure is of particular relevance for the weltwärts programme.

What cannot be funded under the funding line for accompanying measures?

The following are examples of projects that cannot be funded under the funding line:

  • Establishment of structures through which to conduct the weltwärts programme, including finding new places of assignment Visits to and meetings with places of assignment
  • General organisation-development measures that do not make a direct contribution to the improvement of the education and mentoring activities for volunteers
  • Measures to provide (introductory) training for staff from sending and host organisations
  • Development-related projects or infrastructural measures to support partners
  • Administrative and infrastructure costs that are not directly related to the measures
  • Seminars or events for current volunteers
  • General PR activities for the weltwärts programme

Who can apply?

The following are eligible to apply:

  • All active implementing organisations
  • Partners in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Oceania and Eastern Europe (via their German partners)
  • Alliances of implementing organisations (e.g. consortia and associations)
  • Returnee associations (provided their non-profit status has been recognised and they are based in Germany)

When and how can applications be submitted?

The application guide (see below) is a useful tool when preparing applications. It contains detailed information concerning funding priorities, criteria, the application process and the rules to be observed. The partners should already have a very detailed idea for their measure before they apply for funding.

Application deadlines

There are two application deadlines per year for accompanying measures. Provided the documents are complete, it takes around three months for an application to be processed.

1 January Application deadline for measures beginning between April and August.
1 June Application deadline for measures beginning between September and March.

Application documents for accompanying measures and individual advice

The application documents for an accompanying measure, including all annexes, must be submitted to the weltwärts Coordination Unit at Engagement Global by post and by email. There must be no difference between the documents sent by post and those emailed.

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