Kabarole Research and Resource Centre

Pays: Ouganda

Interlocuteur: Mwanga Julius

Adresse: P.O Box 782, Mugurusi Road Fort Portal

Téléphone (veuillez indiquer l'indicatif du pays):: +256774273571

Page Facebook:: web.facebook.com/www.krcuganda.org

Site web:: www.krcuganda.org

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Kabarole Research and Resource Center (KRC) is a well-established NGO operating in the Rwenzori Region of Western Uganda. Founded in 1996, with a research mission and a long-term commitment to understanding the measures and drivers of poverty and its solutions, KRC has accumulated substantial experience in research and created numerous development programs based on community analyses of the activities which would be most helpful in achieving sustainable and equitable socio-economic development. Eighteen years of experience in community development work has led KRC to identify a new strategic direction currently being adopted, focused on supporting the need for integration and effecti