Kabarole Tours and Safari Ltd.

Pays: Ouganda

Interlocuteur: Richard Tooro

Adresse: Molidina Street 1
Fort Portal
Western Region, Uganda

Téléphone (veuillez indiquer l'indicatif du pays):: +256 774 057 390

Page Facebook:: www.facebook.com/KabaroleTours/

Site web:: www.kabarole-tours.com

Organisme(s) partenaire(s) de weltwärts en Allemagne

Current partner organisation: Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V.

Former partner organisations:

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Artefact gGmbH für globales Lernen und lokales Handeln


Kabarole Tours and Safari Ltd. is an Eco-Tour Operator in Western Uganda. Based in Fort Portal it offers a wide range of different tours in and around Uganda.

Kabarole Tours is supporting a variety of Community Projects in the region. So Kabarole Tours initiated the protection of the Kihingami Wetlands near Fort Portal and could prevent it from the imminent danger of deforestation. Next to the wetlands Kabarole Tours established a Vocational School which is educating young adults in sustainability and tourism. An important aspect in making awareness in aspects of conservation and environmental protection and also to empower the youth.