weltwärts at home

Meet young people from Germany

Through the development volunteer service weltwärts, you can complete a volunteer service in Germany. But young Germans, too, can volunteer for a non-profit project in many countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Oceania or Eastern Europe. You can help them to do so, for instance by setting up a language tandem.

weltwärts stands for an equitable dialogue between North and South. That is why, in many cases, young Germans can travel to your country to complete a volunteer service in a non-profit organisation or a charitable or ecological project – such as schools, care homes for the elderly, an environmental project or a human rights initiative.

Female volunteer and child, both gesticulating.
Volunteers supporting the work of their projects.

This is beneficial for all involved parties. For instance, by volunteering in a school the volunteers learn about everyday life in a school in your country, while the children benefit from help with their homework. Human rights initiatives and environmental projects, too, benefit enormously from this direct exchange between North and South.

The volunteer assignments are organised by German implementing organisations and their partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Oceania and Eastern Europe. Most stays last one year, with volunteers receiving airfare, food and accommodation, insurance coverage and pocket money. They are also offered seminars before, during and after their assignment.

Two young people in front of a commemorative plaque, both pointing at the plaque.
Learning from each other through dialogue.