Seminars in Germany

weltwärts voluntary service is more than just working at your place of assignment. There are also seminars, where you can share your experiences with other volunteers and work with them to develop ideas for a more equitable co-existence on our planet. You’ll have at least 25 days of seminars during your time in Germany. Read on to find out what to expect.

Welcome seminar

Your time in Germany starts with a welcome seminar, where you’ll be joined by numerous other volunteers. The focus is on everyday life in Germany and there’s ample opportunity for questions about life and work in Germany to help you when you arrive. It’s also an opportunity to share your excitement and curiosity about the coming months with other volunteers.

Mid-term seminars

The host organisations in Germany run one or more mid-term seminars. They are a chance to share thoughts with other volunteers and you’ll soon realise you’re not the only one who has questions and problems. You can play a role in shaping the content of the seminar, which deals with development topics and the role of the volunteer as well as practical matters.

Political education seminar

During this five-day seminar, you’ll meet volunteers from around the world. You’ll be part of an international group, in which you can make new friends and share experiences. The seminar, which mainly deals with sociopolitical issues in Germany, is usually held halfway through your assignment.

End-of assignment seminar

What did you learn during your year in Germany? How has your view of Germany, your home country and global issues changed? How would you like to put your experiences to use? All of these questions are addressed during this seminar, which marks the end of your voluntary service and takes place shortly before you leave.

Everyday life in Germany

Once you’ve arrived in Germany, you’ll have some time to get used to the new routine and get to know your place of assignment and the people who’ll be looking after you there.