After voluntary service

Voluntary service is a special time, full of new experiences and questions for you to consider. The things you encounter will start you thinking and it won’t just stop when you return to your home country. You’ll go back with lots of new experiences and perhaps even some specific ideas for ways to get involved in civic engagement. To share your experiences and set up new projects, you can join forces with your sending organisation and other returnees.

Returnee seminar

When you get back home, those around you might find it difficult to understand what you’ve experienced and learned through voluntary service. The returnee seminar, which takes place a while after you return, is a good opportunity to work through your experiences and share them and your ideas with your sending organisation and other returnees.

A group of volunteers sitting in a large circle on a lawn. The instructor is standing outside the circle.
Reflecting together.

Volunteer survey

A few months after you’ve finished voluntary service, you’ll be given the chance to rate your weltwärts experience in the volunteer survey. In it, we ask you to give us feedback on your weltwärts assignment, the education and mentoring provided and other topics. By supplying this direct feedback, you get to help shape the programme.