Since the middle of 2021, weltwärts exchanges have no longer taken place under the umbrella of weltwärts. Youth Exchange for Sustainable Development has since been offered through the African-German Youth Office.

To the website of the African-German Youth Office (AGYO)

New website for the weltwärts exchange projects programme

Clearer structure for rapid reference

A structure divided into four tabs, project reports from organisations and a library containing all of the main documents – these are the components that form the new website for the “Extracurricular exchange projects in the context of Agenda 2030” funding line. Organisations interested in participating in the programme will find everything they need to know about types of project, requirements and funding criteria.

Whilst based on the weltwärts volunteer service website, the different colour and structure used in the new design for the weltwärts exchange projects programme mark it out as a separate funding line in its own right. The content, divided into four sections, covers all of the important information concerning the programme. The French version of the website is scheduled to go live soon.

Tab 1: weltwärts exchange projects

The first section of the website provides the most important basic information concerning the funding line. It covers its history, aims, strategic partners and the subject matter that provides the framework for weltwärts exchange projects: Agenda 2030 and the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Members of the press will also find key figures relating to the exchange projects here. A contact form, legal information and credits complete the section.

Tab 2: Types of project

The second section explains the types of project eligible for funding under the weltwärts exchange projects funding line. Though the focus is on youth exchange projects, funding can also be provided for accompanying and pilot projects in connection with development-related youth exchange. Information about the different funding restrictions can also be found here.

Tab 3: Applying for funding

How does the application process work and who is entitled to submit an application? What forms do I have to submit and what deadlines apply? Answers to these questions can be found in this section, which uses a set of questions to guide applicants through the process.

Tab 4: Further information

In this section, applicant organisations and any other interested parties will find the documents and forms required when applying for funding, requesting funds and demonstrating how the funds have been used. There are also useful links regarding global learning, the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals and development-related youth exchange. If you are still looking for an idea for your project, you’re bound to find some valuable tips and suggestions here.

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