Since the middle of 2021, weltwärts exchanges have no longer taken place under the umbrella of weltwärts. Youth Exchange for Sustainable Development has since been offered through the African-German Youth Office.

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Criteria for the resumption of personal encounters

Due to existing travel and safety warnings, no international personal encounters have been able to take place within the grant programme wwB since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. However, personal encounters can be resumed if the following criteria are met.

Due to the existing travel and safety warnings, no international face-to-face encounters have been able to take place since the beginning of the Corona pandemic within the framework of the weltwärts exchange grant programme. In many projects, therefore, virtual exchanges between the youth groups have been and are being increasingly implemented. Nevertheless, the demand of the project partners remains to carry out the encounter phases within the framework of weltwärts exchanges in person already this year, if possible.

The date from which face-to-face encounters under the grant programme will be possible again depends on the Corona-related restrictions in the respective country of the planned encounter. Are cancellable international flights available? Is there a government-imposed quarantine obligation? To what extent are restrictions on freedom of movement to be expected and how is access to the health system guaranteed? All these questions have been recorded in a table of criteria for resuming face-to-face encounters.

The table was developed in order to asses when personal encounters can take place without restrictions or with effective compensation for existing restrictions. As soon as plans for the encounter phase become more concrete, applicable criteria should be selected from the table and the completed table sent informally by email to the weltwärts coordination office.

If there are any questions about the table or if there is a need for advice on the planned personal encounters, the implementing partners can likewise contact the weltwärts coordination office.

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