List of accompanying measures funded to date

Measures funded since 2011


Measures funded since 2011

The weltwärts Coordination Unit at Engagement Global assesses accompanying measures for the weltwärts programme on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and reviews applications for accompanying measures to determine whether they are eligible for BMZ funding.

In past years, the majority of applications have been for measures to improve the education and mentoring activities for volunteers, to strengthen dialogue between host and sending organisations and to establish networks between weltwärts stakeholders.

Examples of accompanying measures

  • Five-day partner conference in Germany, dealing with the implementation of the weltwärts programme in practice (e.g. revision of seminar designs, drafting of crisis management plan, continued development of quality standards, networking of partner organisations, introduction to the South-North component, specific agreements concerning cooperation between and roles of implementing organisations and their partners)
  • Measures to promote weltwärts stakeholder networking in Germany and in the Global South countries, as well as between the two groups, with the aim of driving dialogue and fostering partnership
  • Intercultural training courses run by host and sending organisations for mentors and host families
  • Course on discrimination-sensitive support for South-North volunteers
  • Training and advisory workshops aimed at tackling racist and colonialist ways of thinking, run in close cooperation with a self-help organisation for immigrants and dealing with, for example, the development of educational plans, working methods, structures and communication strategies
  • Manual for seminar instructors on methods for preparing new weltwärts volunteers for service

All accompanying measures approved since 2011 are shown in a regularly updated list, which includes summaries of the measures and is intended to give an idea of what can be funded. In some cases, there were several organisations involved in the implementation of the project. Where this is true, the list shows the lead applicant.

List of measures funded to date (Only available in German)