Registration for partner organisations

Registration and log-in

Partner organisations can register here to set up a profile on the weltwärts website. Once registration is complete, information and contact details for the organisation can be published and updated on the weltwärts website. This profile enables weltwärts organisations in Germany and the Global South to find and contact each other.

Create and manage your weltwärts profile

For a good profile, the following information is useful:

  • A brief description of the organisation and what it does
  • Whether the organisation hosts North-South volunteers from Germany and/or sends South-North volunteers to Germany
  • The implementing organisations in Germany that the organisation cooperates with on the weltwärts programme
  • The email address of the organisation and the profile administrator do not necessarily have to be the same. When the profile has been activated, a message will be sent to the administrator’s email address.
  • This is an automated email that is sent as soon as your data has been checked and published. You can change or delete your details whenever you wish.
  • Items marked * are required fields.

Log-in for partners in the Global South

In the log-in section, weltwärts partners in the Global South can create a profile and publish/update their contact details on the weltwärts website.

Finding partner organisations

Find any weltwärts partner organisation in the Global South that has registered with its profile.