Partners in the Global South

Tasks of partners in the South-North component

Partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Oceania and Eastern Europe implement the weltwärts volunteer service in collaboration with the German implementing organisations. They make a major contribution to the success of the volunteer service. This page contains information on the requirements to be met by partners in the South-North component, their tasks and the possibilities available to them.

Becoming a partner in the weltwärts programme

To send volunteers to Germany as a partner in the weltwärts programme, organisations in the Global South need to join forces with a German implementing organisation. For more details, see the following page:

Becoming a partner

Partners’ tasks

Partners that send international volunteers on assignment to Germany under the South-North component have various responsibilities. They and their German implementing organisation draw up a written agreement at the start of their collaboration, detailing the exact tasks to be performed by the partner.

In their role as sending organisations, they promote weltwärts in their country so that suitable young people become interested in doing development volunteer service in Germany and submit an application. They then select future volunteers in consultation with the German implementing organisation.

In addition, the partners in the Global South prepare the volunteers for their time in Germany. This includes helping them with visa applications.

During the assignment in Germany, the partners are in close contact with the German implementing organisations and keep themselves informed about how the assignment is going and the volunteers’ well-being. They can also be contacted by the volunteers during their period of service.

When the volunteers return from service, the partners are responsible for follow-up activities. They guide volunteers as they reflect on their experiences and help them continue their active civic engagement after their assignment.

Plan for education and mentoring activities for volunteers


Funding under the weltwärts programme can only be applied for by the implementing organisations in Germany. Together with their partners, they agree a financing strategy to be able to offer places on the volunteer service. Further information concerning funding can be found on the “Offering places on the volunteer service” page:

Offering places on the volunteer service

Finding German partners and expanding partnerships

Organisations planning to send volunteers to Germany through weltwärts often already have partnerships with German implementing organisations. However, if you are looking for new partners in Germany or wish to expand your network, there is more information on the “Becoming a partner” page.

Becoming a partner