Drishti pursued a course in German studies in Mumbai and after graduation, opted to volunteer for weltwärts in Germany. In Frankfurt, she assists North-South volunteers as they prepare for their assignments in India.
Mor Niass from Senegal was looking for inspiration – so he decided to spend a year volunteering in Germany. In Tennental, Baden-Württemberg, he volunteered for a project for people with disabilities.
After qualifying as a shipping agent, Sebastian decided to join weltwärts. In Peru, he developed a passion for fair-trade cocoa and coffee.

Flyer: Help is available if you experience sexual violence

Date of publication: 27.01.2023

Published by / Editor: weltwärts

"Sexualised violence can happen anywhere! Wherever and whenever it happens, it is an injustice!" The flyer provides advice for volunteers who have experienced sexualised violence. It contains information on how sexualised violence is defined, its impacts and consequences, medical care options and, most importantly, various organisations where victims can seek advice.