Ecumenical Sangam

Land: Indien

Anprechpartner: +91 99231 97201

Adresse: 316/A, Rainbow, Rabindranath Tagore Marg, Buty Compound, Behind Axis Bank, Civil Lines,Nagpur-440001,Maharashtra,India

Telefon (Ländervorwahl!):: +91 99231 97201

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Website:: www.sangamonline.org

weltwärts-Partnerorganisation(en) in Deutschland

Deutsch Indische Zusammenarbeit e.V.


Ecumenical Sangam is working for community health and development since the last 24 years. Sangam covers around 60 villages South of Nagpur City and 7 slums situated within the City, through 4 rural centers and 2 Slum centers. Apart from running kindergartens for the village children, Sangam runs Vocational Training Courses for the village youth and an Organic Farm to boost organic agriculture in the surrounding villages. The health activities are spread over 200 villages under different Projects dealing with awareness and sensitization of different diseases. Sangam runs the Rainbow Guest House which is home to the weltwaerts Volunteers, Conferences as well as Workshops every year.