Akoma Hearts of Ghana

Pays: Ghana

Interlocuteur: (+233)242364062

Adresse: AF O5/13 Dr Dove Road(clinic junction), Ada Foah.

P.o.box41DM Makola-Accra

Téléphone (veuillez indiquer l'indicatif du pays):: (+233)242364062

Page Facebook:: www.facebook.com/AKOMAghana/

Site web:: www.akomahog.wixsite.com/akoma

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Akoma Hearts of Ghana is an NGO that is working towards the development of sustainable village community where people can have a decent life by living in clean communities where they can have access to healthcare,get a good education for their children,work together to support each other economically and make use of renewable energies.
To be able to achieve this, we are constantly looking for new ways and ideas working together with our volunteers to provide solutions to better the lives of people in this community.