One World Secondary School Kilimanjaro

Pays: Tanzanie

Interlocuteur: Dr Karl-Heinz Koehler

Adresse: P.O. Box 229, Mwanga

Téléphone (veuillez indiquer l'indicatif du pays):: +255767630708

Page Facebook:: www.facebook.com/owssk

Site web:: www.oneworldschool-tanzania.org

Organisme(s) partenaire(s) de weltwärts en Allemagne

artefact, gGmbH
Bremsbergallee 35
24960 Glücksburg


The German-Tanzanian boarding school “One World Secondary School Kilimanjaro” was founded in Kisangara, Tanzania under the patronage of the German Commission for UNESCO in 2012. Our aim is to give many orphans and children from low-income families an excellent education. Our school takes the best elements from the Tanzanian and the German school system. In our concept the following three pillars are decisive:
1. Modern methods of teaching and learning
2. Strengthening the personality of our students and internalizing values as guiding principles
3. Intercultural learning