Integrated Rural Community Development Society ( IRCDS)

Pays: Inde

Interlocuteur: Mr.P.Titus , Executive Secretary / P.Stephen Programme Manager

Adresse: 13, Dr.Abdul Kalam Street, MDM Nagar, Tiruvallur - 602 001, Tamil Nadu

Téléphone (veuillez indiquer l'indicatif du pays):: +91 9444487237 / + 91 9443417433

Page Facebook:: www.facebook.com/ircdsindia

Site web:: ircds.in/

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Deutsch-Indische Zusammenarbeit e. V.


IRCDS is working together with marginalized groups in the Tiruvallur district, aimed at supporting them to escape from poverty. Therefore, we create awareness, mobilize communi-ties and link target groups with governmental institutions to make them understand and be able to change their socio-economic situation. Thus, marginalized groups such as women, children and persons with disabilities should acquire the knowledge and sharpen their skills to be able to advocate their own cause and improve their own living conditions.

Our vision is to uphold love, peace, justice and equality in society. Founded by former teacher Mr. Titus in 1986,