Internetpräsenz weltwärts

What is the benefit?

Dedicating yourself and gaining experience

Weltwärts is a learning service. With weltwärts you can improve your knowledge of language, gain work experience and acquire intercultural competency. This allows you to meet people from other cultures as equals. At the same time, you make a contribution to a German charity organisation.

Photo: Engagement Global, Thomas Ecke
Photo: Engagement Global, Thomas Ecke

You support your place of assignment, for example, in the work with children and young people, in education projects, in the area of health or environmental protection. You will help colleagues with their work and gradually handle your own activities. You can introduce your own knowledge and ideas in your volunteer service, which will also benefit your places of assignment. The places of assignment in Germany will gain, above all, intercultural competency through you. Interesting development talks will certainly also be initiated through the volunteer service and contribute to new prospects for work in the place of assignment and can lead to self-reflection there.

Your assignment in contexts where there has been little awareness of development hitherto or where this subject is not dealt with at all means that new target groups will be reached for development education work in Germany.

You can learn another culture more closely through life and work in that culture, and discuss ideas and perspectives on the living conditions, attitudes and habits with the people there. That gives you a new view of the world and your personal conduct. At the same time, you give the people with whom you come into contact during your work, in your host family or on the street a little insight into the culture of your country and different points of view.

Understanding global connections

Weltwärts gives you more insight into the reality of people in Germany and lets you overcome prejudices. Dealing with German culture also allows you to take a new, critical look at your own culture and personal habits. In reverse, you will also meet people who may have a stereotypical view of your country. You can contribute to the refutation of prevailing clichés in Germany through your stay.

You will learn to understand how the future of the north and south depend on each other and what you can do yourself in order to contribute to a fairer and more promising world.

Professional pedagogical support for the assignment is very important. It sensitises you to how you are influenced by your own 'cultural glasses', i.e. your own cultural background, when you have new experiences. It supports you in reflection on what you have experienced and helps you consider the diversity of things in a differentiated way.