Internetpräsenz weltwärts

What is required?

Dedication and openness are in demand

Do you want to learn about the culture in Germany and do something meaningful at the same time? Would you like to broaden your horizons and pass on your experiences to others in the country you came from? Would you like to dedicate yourself to a fairer world? Then you have the right mindset for a weltwärts assignment. The other things we require, you will learn about here.

Fundamentally, all young people from emerging or developing countries can take part in the weltwärts South-North programme. A visa for Germany is necessary for this. Your sending organisation will support you in visa matters. For a weltwärts assignment, you must be a legal adult (at least 18) when you begin service. Participation is only possible in justified individual cases above the age of 29.

In order to take part in weltwärts, you must have vocational training or a school degree or comparable experiences, for example in an internship or volunteer service in your homeland. Depending on the project, the sending organisation can demand certain other experiences.

Furthermore, basic knowledge of the German language is advisable. You should be ready to learn German before your departure and after your arrival in Germany if you do not have knowledge of the basics. This is absolutely necessary for the success of your volunteer service. Extensive knowledge of the German language is not a requirement for your participation, however, if the learning of German in your country is too difficult.

Before your volunteer service, you should have been involved in the partner organisation or another NGO. You should also be willing to dedicate yourself to the project after your return and share your experiences with others.

For some projects, you must also prove your suitability in terms of health. There are no obligatory vaccinations for your arrival in Germany. It is recommended, however, that you receive vaccinations against hepatitis and tetanus. Your sending organisation will advise you on all health questions.

Requirements for participation in weltwärts

  • Between 18 and 29 years old
  • School degree, completed vocational training or comparable experience
  • Residency permit for limited time and visa ('nationales Visum-D')
  • Basic knowledge of the German language
  • Interest in other cultures as well as dedication

Personal and social competencies

Teamwork, openness and willingness to learn are desired as personal character traits, since you will constantly encounter new things in your assignment. Some things you will not understand at first. Here, patience is necessary, along with the ability to treat others with respect and tolerance. Otherwise, you should have the desire to change something and bring your own initiative.

Furthermore, we expect that you will dedicate yourself to development and would like to do something in this world. After your stay in Germany, you will receive options for further involvement in your homeland in the follow-up seminars and additional offers from your sending organisation. There, you will learn how to pass on your experiences to others and can implement them jointly with other project ideas.