Internetpräsenz weltwärts

What does it cost?

A weltwärts assignment is funded by the public sector.

Weltwärts is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). You will not incur any costs for volunteer service. Since the host organisations in Germany must fund at least 25 per cent of the costs from their own resources, it can occur in some cases that they will expect you to collect a small amount in donations for the volunteer service.

Your sending organisation ensures transport to the place of assignment and back or will reimburse you for the travel costs. Vaccination costs are usually paid for.

With assignments in Germany, you will receive normal accommodations and meals. During the assignment, you will receive pocket money. Furthermore, the costs for the necessary insurance are covered.

Am I insured?

During your volunteer service, you are insured in the German statutory social security system. This includes, among others, accident and health insurance. Health insurance gives you access to most clinics and physicians in Germany and makes treatment free for you. For medication, it may be that you will have to contribute a small portion of the costs yourself. As a rule, you also have liability insurance that covers you if damage arises for which you are responsible. The costs of insurance are covered by your host organisation.

After your return and during the preparatory and follow-up seminars in your homeland, you must deal with insurance coverage yourself.

What is funded?

If you do not have a passport, you must apply for one early and cover the cost. Furthermore, obtaining baggage insurance may be sensible. However, you must cover the costs yourself.