Internetpräsenz weltwärts

Responsibilities of sending organisations

Weltwärts is implemented by roughly 180 German non-government organisations (NRO). These work together with the host organisations in the countries of assignment to develop suitable assignments for volunteers. They select, usually together with the host organisations, suitable applicants, prepare them for the assignment and organise the sending of the volunteers. They offer accompanying seminars and support the volunteers during the entire volunteer service. After returning, they offer follow-up seminars and additional participation options for the former volunteers. The pedagogical seminars for volunteers take at least 25 days.  

All volunteers are insured during their service. The sending organisations take out health care, accident and liability insurance for the volunteers. They bear the costs incurred for the volunteers' accommodations and meals as well as the additional costs of volunteer service. Ask the sending organisation that provides the volunteers whether additional funding of the project is possible.

Hosting and sending organisations remain in regular contact. The sending organisation informs the host organisation about the goals, contents and responsibilities in the weltwärts programme. A written agreement between the sending and hosting organisation has to be concluded in which the each party's rights and obligations are regulated. A joint understanding of the role of volunteers is prepared. Any problems are solved in a partner-like way.

You will find an overview of the approved sending organisations under the link to the page 'Search for German sending organisations'