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Quality associations

To ensure a high standard in all areas of the weltwärts programme, overarching quality criteria and quality-oriented programme management are necessary. This was the reason for the introduction in 2013 of the requirement that all weltwärts organisations join an existing quality association or found one along with other organisations. The quality associations ensure compliance with the quality standards for the programme, engaging the services of external inspection bodies to do so. They support the weltwärts organisation’s quality development activities. Organisations in the partner countries can contact German sending organisations through the quality associations.

Aktionsgemeinschaft Dienst für den Frieden (AGDF) weltwärts quality association

The AGDF was founded back in 1968/69 and is an umbrella association with 33 member organisations and institutions engaged in peace-building work at home and abroad. They each have different priorities and run different work programmes, usually in a protestant context. For many of its members, international volunteer service (including through the weltwärts programme) forms part of this work. The AGDF plays an active role in the “Interessenverbund evangelisches Forum entwicklungspolitischer Freiwilligendienst” (Protestant Forum for Voluntary Services in Development Cooperation, eFeF).

The quality association offers training, provides regular updates for its member organisations concerning relevant weltwärts developments and gives advice and support on quality assurance and quality development. In addition to regular meetings attended by all organisations, the association promotes visits between organisations, close contact at the individual level and networking activities. To date, 17 sending organisations have joined the association.

Organisations wishing to join the weltwärts quality association do not have to be a member of the AGDF but their aims should reflect those of the AGDF’s mission statement (

Contact details

Barbara Kraemer
Tel.: +49 (0)228-2499922

fid-Netzwerk internationalQM quality association of the German Catholic Association for Development Cooperation Staff Service (AGEH)

fid-Netzwerk internationalQM consists of engaged individuals and organisations plus their international partners from the church, peace-building and development fields.

The network began developing a quality system and a list of criteria for international volunteering some years ago. It has been a quality association for the weltwärts programme for all existing and new member organisations since October 2013.

The quality association offers its members advice, coaching, training and knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities.

Contact details

Barbara Kerime
Tel.: +49 (0)221/ 8896 127

weltoffen quality association in the Arbeitskreis Lernen und Helfen in Übersee e.V. (Learning and Helping Overseas Association)

Weltoffen is an ideologically neutral alliance of weltwärts organisations that, combined, send and host approximately 1,500 volunteers per year in a large number of countries. It comprises organisations of varying sizes and structures from across Germany.

Weltoffen offers its members training and advice on educational and administrative matters and promotes their networking efforts through annual quality meetings and an online platform.

The quality association’s office is based at the AKLHÜ.

Contact details

Mara Kurnap
Tel.: +49 (0)228 / 908 99 26

German Red Cross (GRC) quality association

The GRC has many years’ experience with international volunteer services as well as having solid structures in place for international cooperation. As part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, it is committed to the principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntariness, unity and universality.

The GRC quality association offers its members advice and support when preparing, implementing and evaluating assignments through the weltwärts programme.

Contact details

Jessica Fritz
Tel.: +49 (0)30 85404 211

Evangelische Freiwilligendienste and Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World) protestant weltwärts quality association (EQEB)

This quality association was set up by Evangelische Freiwilligendienste gGmbH and Brot für die Welt. Both organisations have experience in volunteering and development cooperation. The work of the quality association is guided by the Christian view of humanity and the goals of equity, peace and integrity of creation.

The EQEB’s activities are conducted on the basis of the “Quality Development and Quality Management for Volunteers Abroad” handbook published by the Evangelische Freiwilligendienste, to which requirements specific to the weltwärts development volunteer service have been added.

The EQEB has defined a quality system for its members, which promotes participation and dialogue plus process orientation and a focus on practical needs.

Contact details

Susanne Arens, Ev. Freiwilligendienste gGmbH
Tel.: +49 (0)511 450 0083 45

Cäcilie Raiser, Brot für die Welt
Tel.: +49 (0)30 65211 1357

Quality association of the Verein entwicklungspolitischer Austauschorganisationen (Association of weltwärts Exchange Organisations in Development Cooperation, VENTAO)

Ventao represents a variety of organisations, differing in size, methods and core areas of activity. The intention behind the quality association is to support its members in their efforts to organise high-quality learning and exchange services for young people in the field of development cooperation whilst still preserving the plurality of the approaches their members take.

Most of ventao’s member organisations work with partner organisations in other countries, including on other projects.

Contact details

Jan Wenzel and Anette Schwitzke
Tel.: +49 (0)30 42851385