Proof-of-use documents

Applicants who receive funding through weltwärts Exchange Projects have to provide proof of how the money is used. The proof-of-use documents always consist of a financial report (numerical evidence) and a status report.

The proof required depends on the length of the project, as described in the following table:

Projects lasting more than one year Projects lasting up to one year
1. Interim proof of use per calendar year, comprising
· a financial report* and
· a status report**
1. Final proof of use once the project has finished, comprising
· a financial report* and
· a status report**
2. Final proof of use once the project has finished, comprising
· a financial report* and
· a status report**

Interim proof of use

Interim proof of use is only required for projects that run for longer than a year. It consists of a financial report and a status report.

Financial report

In the case of projects that run for longer than one year, an interim financial proof-of-use document (numerical evidence, no list of receipts) has to be produced for each completed budget year, showing the figures as at 31 March. The financial report must contain the funding received in that year and all expenditure and income.

Zwischennachweis rechnerischer Bericht (XLSX, 15.9 KB)


  • For projects starting in the last quarter of a budget year (i.e. between 1 October and 31 December), the status report can be combined with the next status report due (either in a future interim proof-of-use document or in the final proof of use).
  • The requirement to produce a financial report remains unaffected. A financial report is required for each complete budget year.

Final proof of use

The final proof-of-use document is drawn up after the project has finished and has to be submitted within three months from the end of the approval period.

Financial report

The final proof of use includes a financial report (numerical evidence), which lists all of the actual income and expenditure on the project. A receipts list must be enclosed with it. Receipts need only be sent if you are asked to do so.

Final Proof of use numerical evidence (XLS, 718.8 KB)


  • * Due to budgetary rules, the financial report must be signed by at least the German project partner.
  • ** The status report can be partly or completely produced in English, French or German and can be submitted by the two partners together or separately. If they complete it together, they both have to sign. If they submit separate status reports, they must each sign the document they drew up. In this case, the status report is deemed to be complete when both partners have submitted a report.
  • both the interim proof of use and the final proof of use must be submitted, along with all of the necessary annexes and attachments, in digital form to:

    and by post to Engagement Global gGmbH, Zentraler Programmservice, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 40, 53113 Bonn by the deadline specified in the forwarding agreement.