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Our objectives

Weltwärts is a development learning service

The weltwärts programme is a development volunteer service for all interested young people. The focus is on making a concrete contribution to a development project, as well as learning from each other and facilitating intercultural exchange.

Volunteers support projects

During their assignment abroad, the volunteers support a specific project. They are included in a local partner organisation and support it in their work. They assume additional responsibilities that the organisation could not handle without the volunteer's involvement. In work with children, volunteers can ensure more intensive support, for example. They can complement lessons at school by holding conversation classes. They bring a new perspective to the project. This can be especially helpful, for example, with tourism projects or the marketing of products. They are multiplicators in the work with young people and can introduce them to subjects especially well thanks to their similar age and points of view. They often develop new ideas and implement new activities as well.

Intercultural exchange is promoted

The volunteers learn the culture of the partner country and exchange ideas and perspectives on the living conditions, attitudes and habits with the people in their environment. At the same time, they let others gain insight into their culture. The intercultural exchange ensures attention and tolerance, contributing to understanding between people. The volunteers also learn to understand global dependencies and interactions better. They reflect their own culture as well as personal ideas and ways of behaviour.
What they experience, is often remembered for a long time and sets the course for the future. After their return, many volunteers continue to support the project in which they were involved or the work of their sending organisation. They plan campaigns with other returning volunteers and advocate a fairer world.

Promoting future generations

Weltwärts promotes future generations in development fields. In the course of assignment abroad, the volunteers gain insight into development cooperation. They acquire linguistic knowledge and competencies in intercultural communication as well as social competencies – properties that are becoming increasingly important in a globalised world. The service helps many volunteers with professional orientation; many decide, for example, to pursue a degree in a development field and make development work their profession.