Internetpräsenz weltwärts

Host organisations in Germany

The German host organisations are weltwärts organisations and associations of former volunteers that are approved by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). They assume overall organisational responsibility for the programme. They are the interface between the sending organisation in the partner countries, the places of assignment and the volunteers.

Their responsibilities include in particular:

  • coordinating with the sending organisations and supporting them, if need be, in the development of their structures so that they can fulfil their responsibilities in the weltwärts programme;
  • selecting suitable places of assignment in Germany in the areas of culture, social work, environmental protection and conservation, sports, and development education work;
  • creating and ensuring suitable framework conditions for volunteers in connection with accommodations, pocket money, insurance, meals, language courses, transport and visa/residency permits;
  • supporting and assisting the volunteers;
  • conducting accompanying seminars in Germany;
  • integrating returning German weltwärts volunteers and networking between volunteers.

The German host organisations submit the applications coordinated with the sending organisations and are the contacts for all administrative matters.

Places of assignment

As a rule, the volunteers do not work directly in the host organisation, but rather in other organisations that were sought by the host organisation especially for volunteers. These consist of charity organisations, for example, in the social or cultural sector or in the area of environmental protection and conservation or sports. Some places of assignment are also found in organisations that promote development education work or intercultural exchange.

The places of assignment must be aware of the special challenges and needs of volunteers, possess an intercultural willingness to learn and be open to self-reflection.