Finding sending organisations

Overview of all sending organisations and the assignments they offer

You can use this function to display all weltwärts sending organisations. Searches can be filtered by region or country, resulting in a list of all organisations that send volunteers to that region or country so that you can view the assignments they have available.

Detailed information on the sending organisations is only available on the German language website.

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Bistum Essen - Abteilung Weltkirche und Mission

Bistum Essen
Abteilung Weltkirche und Mission
Zwölfling 16

45127 Essen

Ecoselva e.V.

Am Park 50
53757 Sankt Augustin

ADRA Deutschland e.V.

Robert-Bosch-Straße 10
64331 Weiterstadt

Aminu Initiative e. V. (ehem. Nima e.V.)

Leibnizstr. 6
64839 Münster bei Dieburg (HESSEN)

Coworkers - Christliche Fachkräfte International e.V.

Coworkers Freiwillige
Christliche Fachkräfte International e.V.
Schickstr. 2
70182 Stuttgart