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In this section you can find contributions from weltwärts volunteers, in which they tell you about their project or their experiences in Germany. Whether through social media, short video clips, great photos or detailed testimonials: find out how exciting volunteering with weltwärts is, what challenges volunteers face and what shaping experiences they take home with them.


Volunteering in Germany: from the Indian Ministry of Education to a German school


Utsarga Mondal, a 26-year-old from India, is passionate about education. He studied education at university before going on to help the Indian Ministry of Education implement a variety of programmes related to national education policy. Now he is learning about the German education system at the Freie Schule Wendland as a weltwärts volunteer.

“Vivir es adaptarse” – Living means adapting


Lynne Beal did a volunteer service in Peru through Welthaus Bielefeld in 2019-2020. In Lima, she worked in a school and supervised extracurricular work groups. Until COVID-19 came along and abruptly ended the volunteer service.

Don’t take yourself too seriously – year abroad in Cambodia


Moritz completed his volunteer service in Cambodia through the child welfare organisation “Die Sternsinger” in 2019-2020. In Battambang, he worked for a small NGO that cares for children in need and supports families. The encounters with the local people shaped his volunteer service.

Stepping out of her comfort zone


Leonie Husar completed her volunteer service from December 2020 to December 2021 at the Love and Care project in Gisenyi, Rwanda.

You don’t need to have the whole staircase in view, you just have to take the FIRST STEP


Panma Yankit from India is involved with Ecoselva in Kirchberg an der Jagst and the surrounding area in ecological projects of the “Haus der Bauern” Foundation.

“I want to be the adult a child can trust”


Pamela Alina Morales Conde has completed her volunteer service at the Eltern-Kind-Zentrum (Parent-Child Centre) in Stuttgart through the Bolivian Children’s Charity.

Education is the most powerful weapon


Lidia Albarado Zurita came from Bolivia to Germany for one year. She did her voluntary service at the Etzelfarm through the Bolivian Children’s Charity (BKHW) in Stuttgart.

Embracing a new phase in my life

Hannah Eul was on assignment in Benin from August 2019 to March 2020, volunteering with an NGO that helps young people from difficult family backgrounds.

Du hast einen Freiwilligendienst mit weltwärts gemacht und willst weiter in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit aktiv bleiben ⁠
Du hast Lust, dich weiterhin mit dem Thema Globales Lernen zu beschäftigen und deine Erfahrungen einzubringen ⁠
Dann werde doch Referent*in und gib dein Wissen in Bildungsveranstaltungen zum Beispiel an Schulen, in Vereinen oder Kitas weiter! 💁🏾‍♀️ 👨‍🏫 ⁠

Das Junge Engagement (JE) bei Bildung trifft Entwicklung (BtE) unterstützt weltwärts-Rückkehrende, die sich weiterhin entwicklungspolitisch engagieren möchten: mit Beratung und ...

“Honestly, I had loads of fun!”

My name is KANGA Amani Koffi Désiré and I come from Côte d’Ivoire. I volunteered through Germany’s Federal Volunteer Service and the weltwärts programme from September 2018 to August 2019. My place of assignment was the development education centre (EPiZ) of Eine Welt Reutlingen e.V.

Sei dabei: Connecte dich mit anderen, lerne Möglichkeiten kennen, wie du dich weiterhin engagieren kannst und entwickle eigene Ideen. 🤗 💬 Hier bekommst du Infos zu Förderungen und lernst spannende Orgas und Initiativen kennen. Ein großes Thema werden auch die Möglichkeiten zur Unterstützung und Mitgestaltung der Ehemaligen-Community sein.⁠

Der Verein Grenzenlos veranstaltet ein Community-Wochenende für weltwärts-Ehemalige:⁠

🗓️ 22. bis 24. März⁠
📍 Abenteuerzentrum Grunewald in Berlin⁠
⏳ Anmeldung bis 29. Februar⁠
💰 Die Teilnahme kostet 10 bis ...

From Uganda to Cologne

Joseline comes from Uganda and did her service as a South-North volunteer with In Via in Cologne at an OGS.


Learning from and with others in multifaceted Mexico

Phoebe Fiehn volunteered at a children’s home from August 2019 to March 2020. As part of her assignment, she helped out in the kitchen and with homework tutoring

International exchanges produce new ideas


Working in an outdoor daycare centre, Maria from Ecuador is learning new educational methods. In turn, her colleagues appreciate the new ideas she contributes thanks to her cultural background. Because the presence of international volunteers in Germany is such a success, the programme is being expanded further.

One café, a multitude of stories

Sofía, a South-North volunteer from Paraguay, spent one year at the Café International in Düren until February 2021. Run by the local protestant church, the café provides advice for refugees and migrants on matters concerning asylum, residence rights and welfare benefits.

Barbecue party with host families: Volunteers from Bolivia in Germany.