Sustainable Development Goal



and production

The participants from Germany and the Dominican Republic worked together on a project on responsible consumption and production – their personal contribution towards SDG 12.


Sustainable Development Goal



"Make it equal!" CEPCA, the Celestial Echoes Choir from Cameroon, and ESG Erlangen decided raise awareness of inequalities and reduce them through the medium of music.


Sustainable Development Goal

Clean water

and sanitation

During their project on the right to water, the girls from the German scout association St George and their peers from Association des Guides du Rwanda learned all about water consumption and resources.

Comprehensive advice

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The weltwärts Coordination Unit at Engagement Global advises organisations on all aspects of weltwärts exchanges. Would you like to know more about applications, approval, implementation or interim proof of use? Contact the Coordination Unit for free advice. Get in touch!

What are weltwärts exchanges?

weltwärts exchanges promote international extracurricular youth exchanges and related accompanying and model projects. They enable youth groups from Germany and countries in the Global South to work together on a project. In these projects, the young participants focus on one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Why weltwärts?

  • Active partnership – in the spirit of the 2030 Agenda
  • Professional volunteer service
  • Partnership between government and civil society
  • Worldwide network of organisations
  • High-level quality assurance

Youth exchange: step by step


01 Get informed

Our website and our funding guidelines contain all relevant information about the aims and objectives of weltwärts exchanges. If you are unsure whether your organisation or project fulfils the criteria, get in touch – we’ll be happy to advise you!

02 Set up a partnership

Do you already have a partner organisation in the Global South? Partner organisations must have non-profit status and their aims and activities should correspond to yours. A partnership is a prerequisite for receiving project funding.

03 Develop a project idea

Join forces with your partner to develop a concept for your planned youth group exchange. What does it aim to achieve? Decide together which of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) your development project should focus on.

04 Get approved

Before you submit your project, your organisation needs to be evaluated and approved by Engagement Global. Amongst other things, your non-profit status and creditworthiness are assessed. Organisations that have already been approved by Engagement Global in connection with another programme undergo a shorter evaluation.

05 Submit your application

Please submit your application on time, both electronically and by mail, to Engagement Global. Any necessary amendments to the application can be done electronically. We are happy to advise you on the application process.

06 Wait for feedback

Your application is submitted for approval to the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) together with a letter of opinion by Engagement Global. Should approval be granted, we issue what is known as a on-lending agreement – and you’re all set!



Due to existing travel and safety warnings, no international personal encounters have been able to take place within the grant programme wwB since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. However, personal encounters can be resumed if the following criteria are met.

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Since the beginning of the grant programme four years ago, weltwärts-Begegnungen (wwB) has developed positively as a popular extracurricular exchange format and has grown continually. In recognition of this, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has decided to transfer the wwB grant programme, a key supporting pillar of international youth exchanges more broadly, into a new German-African Youth Office. The Youth Office is currently being set up and will sit under the Engagement Global umbrella.

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17 Goals – Project overview

All weltwärts exchange projects focus on one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our project overview offers more detailed information on the projects we have funded so far. Maybe you’ll be inspired to create your own project!

Project reports

Funding options

Young people become Global citizens

In development exchanges, youth groups from Germany and the Global South work together on a project that focuses on one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Over a period of one to two years, the groups meet once in Germany, once in the partner country. These in-person meetings are prepared and debriefed by pedagogical support staff and complemented by digital cooperation phases.

Improving quality – strengthening structures

Funding is available for accompanying projects with the aim of improving the quality of weltwärts exchanges and strengthening project partners and structures. The target groups include youth work, youth education and development cooperation organisations. Funding is available, inter alia, for quality assurance measures or activities to set up partnership-based structures.

Promoting ideas for development-oriented youth work

Model projects are centred around new approaches that are considered particularly relevant for development-oriented, international youth work and that can be transferred to other organisations. They include the development and enhancement of methods and concepts and the setup of structures such as networks or partnerships. Model projects are not subject to any restrictions in terms of age or group size.

Portrait Anne Schmeckies

Our project, which focused on art and culture, encouraged active participation in urban development and more civil society engagement in both countries. This powerful act of community building still connects us all, long after our project ended.

Anne Schmeckies (Each One Teach One e. V. / Hip Hop Education South Africa)

Portrait Mthokozilsi Hleta

Melanga has not only taught me how you can grow food yourself- it has also helped me how to make a better living in the long run! It also taught me to eat healthier food and I found such great new friends!

Mthokozilsi Hleta (Emoyeni Ministries South Africa)

Portrait Valeria Stocker

One of the goals of the project was to gain an awareness of our own position in society. What privileges do I enjoy? Which do I use? Which power structures discriminate against me, and which power structures give voice to my actions and my words?

Valeria Stocker (ASA-FF e. V.)

Portrait Bright Chikwanda

I’m now able to take care of the waste I generate. I’m able to dispose waste correctly. I’m able to advocate for children’s rights. I’m able to speak on behalf of children. In short, my behaviour has totally changed environment wise and in everything I do.

Bright Chikwanda (terre des hommes)

Portrait Melanie Matzen

The exchange made me realise that no matter where in the world we are, we can and have to work together. It was encouraging to see that we all dream of the same things, even though we have different lifestyles and have grown up with different value systems.

Melanie Matzen (terre des hommes)

Portrait Jacky Shamanga

I am participating in the exchange because I am passionate about making change in the community I am coming from. Being part of the exchange will help me to develop good skills on sustainability and I will be able to share with other young people who are not part of the exchange.

Jacky Shamanga (terre des hommes)

Portrait of Stephan Höller

weltwärts exchanges enable young people and experts to meet on a level playing field to discuss their takes on the global issues of the future.

Stephan Höller, advisor on international youth work in sports at German Sports Youth

Portrait Eliana Schüler

This is about questioning and changing our acquired and often discriminatory patterns of perception, thoughts and actions. It’s a never-ending process which, however, requires us to reflect on our own position and privileges.

Eliana Schüler (ASA-FF e. V.)

Portrait Lukas Walter

I am more conscious of my consumption habits. Now I have a much better understanding of what “sustainability” means, also in my daily life. I question the way I shop and how I conduct myself. I never used to talk about this issue; today, I regularly talk about it with my friends and family.

Lukas Walter (terre des hommes)

Portrait Jean Koffi Edem Touglo

By working together the way we do, we’re trying to pursue a vision that involves creating equality between North and South.

Jean Koffi Edem Touglo (Compagnie Artistique Carrefour)

Portrait Alba Meier

The exchange has enriched me with many new friends, experiences and adventures. It was a great opportunity to exchange our world views and to look beyond our own horizons.

Alba Meier (Power On e. V.)

Portrait of Volkmar Liebig

Youth group exchanges across borders and continents are proven to have a strong impact on the lives of their young participants. They are an effective form of global learning.

Volkmar Liebig, Federal Association of Cultural Youth Education (BKJ)

Document Centre

Whether you need an application for a federal grant, a call for funds form or a template interim proof-of-use report, our Document Centre contains all the important forms and documents that you may need in connection with weltwärts exchanges.

How to I submit an application?

Before a project application for a weltwärts exchange can be submitted, the German project partner needs to have been approved and the partners have to have designed a project concept.

A South-North volunteer service with weltwärts. How does that work?

How can my organisation send or host volunteers?