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Evaluation of the pilot project Country Contact Persons of the weltwärts development volunteer service

Release date: 2016
Publisher: weltwärts

The object of investigation is the instrument Country Contact Persons (CCP) of the weltwärts development volunteer service which has been introduced as a recommendation of the evaluation of the weltwärts programme carried out in 2010/11. A first pilot phase started in twelve focus countries. In a second phase, starting from May 2015 onwards, six further countries were included. The pilot phase was first programmed for two years (10/2013 to 12/2015) and then extended by another year (until 12/2016). According to the CCP-concept, the instrument pursued the following three objectives:

- The security of the volunteers is enhanced by assessing the security situation and the safety, security and crisis management of the sending organisations is improved.
- The coordination between relevant stakeholders of the weltwärts programme at country level is improved by providing relevant information.
- The sending organisations are supported regarding the application for visa and residence permits (i.e. if necessary and agreed, by CCP collecting necessary documents for the application and verifying their completeness).