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Criteria for assignments

Standards for the weltwärts programme

The tasks performed at the places of assignment are focused on the public good and suited for a development learning service. For example, this involves the area of ecological sustainability, the fight against poverty, education, renewable energies and energy efficiency, the securing of food, ensuring peace, health, rural development, human rights or migration.

The places of assignment are suited for young people and do not over- or underwhelm the volunteers. There should be enough work for the assignment to correspond to a full-time activity. The volunteers' activity does not involve religious lessons, instruction in faith or the promotion of a certain world view. Safety-relevant general conditions such as work safety are met. The volunteers receive at least 24 service-free days of vacation per year.

Labour market neutrality

The assignment of volunteers may not replace any paid positions in the project that could be exercised by people who are available on the labour market. The volunteers' tasks should be supplementary or supportive. For example, volunteers can assist school children by giving after-school tutoring or helping them with their homework, but may not teach any classes on their own. In their work with young people, they can offer, e.g., additional options such as music classes, environmental groups or sports – activities that the organisation could not pursue without volunteers.

Reasonable number of volunteers

In order to facilitate the volunteers' intercultural learning experience, no more than two volunteers should work in the same place. If a host organisation has more than two positions for volunteers, they must work in separate physical places and handle sufficiently demanding activities in independent projects. There must be a reasonable ratio between the number of volunteers and paid staff so that appropriate technical instruction for the volunteers is ensured and the organisation is not overwhelmed by the support for the volunteers.

Training and personal support

Weltwärts is a learning service. The place of assignment ensures training and continuous support on site through professional instruction. The sending and hosting organisations coordinate and bear collective responsibility for professional instruction.

All volunteers are also given a capable, easily reachable mentor who is responsible for the volunteers. It is necessary to remember that the mentor may not come from the direct work area of the volunteer.

Assignments in organisations with a specific world view

Places of assignment must fundamentally be available to all volunteers of any faith or with any world view, independently of the orientation in the sending or partner organisation. All sending and partner organisations must cultivate appreciative and respectful treatment of other people, irrespective of the culture or religion to which they belong. Their values and models must be characterised by respect for diversity in people's way of life and faith.

If volunteers live in faith-based communities at the partner organisations, they should be ready to integrate themselves there without being forced to perform religion-related activities. Tolerance and openness in the treatment of others should define the work and life together.