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Becoming a host organisation

What advantages come with hosting volunteers?

Weltwärts volunteers support the projects of host organisations for between six and 24 months with practical work and personal experiences that they acquired, for example, during volunteer work. Some also already have vocational training or have graduated from university. They bring a new point of view and some ideas to the project. In working with children and young people, they can credibly teach the subjects of environmental protection and health care, whilst acting as a model for other young people thanks to their dedication. After their service, they can work in their homeland as ambassadors for the projects that they have learned about themselves, e.g., by providing information about them and helping with additional financial and personal support. Accordingly, they also contribute to a closer networking of sending and partner organisations.

Responsibilities as host organisation

The host organisations integrate the volunteers in their team. They train them in their tasks and support the volunteers during the entire service. At the same time, they ensure that no paid positions are replaced by the use of volunteers. As a rule, the volunteers accompany employees in the project, initially during their work, before a plan is developed and the volunteers assume their own responsibilities.

The host organisations also provide a mentor. These mentors are experienced people outside of the volunteer's place of assignment and provide support if the volunteer has any personal questions, possible conflicts, problems or falls ill. It is advantageous if the mentors already have experience in dealing with people from other cultural circles and are aware of intercultural differences and problems.

The number of volunteers in a partner project is limited to two participants so that the volunteers can be ideally supported without too much effort and simultaneously have a lot to do with people in their country of assignment.

So that the volunteer service succeeds, an intensive partner-based exchange is necessary between the sending and hosting organisations. In particular, if there are difficulties or in cases of emergencies, both partners take the required measures jointly.

Many sending and hosting organisations look back on years of collaboration. Many sending organisations also support partner projects beyond the sending of volunteers.

How do I become a partner of a German sending organisation?

The hosting of volunteers from Germany in a project is only possible in cooperation with a German sending organisation. In our database you can find all the weltwärts sending organisations. You can use the search form to find organisations that already send volunteers to your country and have experience with the assignment of volunteers in your region. The sending of volunteers in the weltwärts programme is possible in all countries on the OECD/DAC list of developing countries if sufficient safety can be guaranteed for the volunteers.

Use the contact data provided in the search results in order to offer a partnership.

Partner organisations enter into a 'Partner Agreement Concerning the Volunteers Service "weltwärts''' with the sending organisations. This agreement precisely governs the cooperation for both sides.