How do I apply to weltwärts?

If you’d like to do voluntary service with weltwärts in Germany, you’ll need to apply via an organisation in your country of origin. There’s a link to a list of organisations (we call them “sending organisations”) below. Please be aware that each sending organisation has its own application process.

Applying to a participating organisation

Organisations that host weltwärts volunteers in Germany are listed at the following link.

If you know organisations in your home country that host German weltwärts volunteers, it’s possible that they send volunteers to Germany too. Why not ask?

You can also contact the following registered partner organisations, though the list is not exhaustive. Please note that registration is voluntary.

Contacting German host organisations

Contacting registered partner organisations

Application and selection process

You apply direct to the sending organisation in your home country, not the host organisation in Germany.

The sending organisation will tell you what documents you need to submit with your application. The most important one is often your motivational letter, in which you explain why you want to do development volunteering service in Germany. The application deadlines are usually one year before the planned departure date, giving you ample time to prepare for your assignment.

Depending on the sending organisation, volunteers are either selected on a selection day or on the basis of their written application. Since it is very familiar with the places of assignment, the host organisation in Germany may also be involved in the selection process.

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Applying for voluntary service with weltwärts - Checklist

  • Applications should be sent to the sending organisations in your home country.
  • The application and selection process can differ from organisation to organisation (note: that goes for the application deadlines too!)
  • It’s possible to apply to several different organisations.
  • The sending organisations will inform you whether your application was successful.


So you’ve been selected for the weltwärts volunteer service? Congratulations! There are lots of things to consider when preparing for your assignment.