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Accompanying Measures for the Programme

Promoting accompanying measures for the programme

How your organisation can benefit

Through the weltwärts accompanying measures, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is promoting measures which encourage the quality of the weltwärts programme and raise its profile as a development learning service. For example, it is designed to encourage training courses for mentors or networking between host and sending organisations.

Who can apply?

Photo: Engagement Global, Thomas Ecke
Photo: Engagement Global, Thomas Ecke

If you would like to undertake accompanying measures in your country, you can apply for funding together with your German partner organisation. Only applicants from Germany are eligible, i.e. all charitable host and sending organisations that are recognised as part of the weltwärts programme - or host organisations and their associations, as well as recognised charitable associations of returning volunteers.

These organisations can apply for funding of accompanying measures with or for their weltwärts partners outside of Germany. The partners should detail the requirements of the respective measure in a statement approximately one page in length.

What can be promoted?

An accompanying measure can be up to a maximum of 24 months long. Applications can be submitted for the following thematic priorities in particular:

  • Training for mentors and representatives of sending/hosting organisations and places of assignment on education and mentoring for volunteers on the weltwärts programme (this does not include further vocational training)
  • Collaboration and networking both among the weltwärts stakeholders in Germany and among those in the partner country as well as between both groups of stakeholders, particularly with the aim of strengthening dialogue and the spirit of partnership between the sending/hosting and/or partner organisations and their places of assignment
  • Improvement of the quality of the two programme components, North-South and South-North (e.g. with regard to volunteer preparation)
  • Promotion of inclusion and diversity, especially by targeting and sending on assignment groups that have so far only made up a very small portion of those sent on assignment (young adults who have completed vocational training, have an impairment or have a migration background)


The application will be reviewed according to the following criteria for eligibility:

- Needs orientation
- Target group orientation
- Effectiveness
- Efficiency
- Sustainability
- Relevant in terms of development policy

How it works

There are two application deadlines within the year for accompanying measures: Measures that start between April and August must be applied for by 1st January. Measures that start between September and March of the following year can be applied for up until 1st June. The BMZ will cover up to 75 per cent of the costs of an accompanying measure. As a general rule, the maximum amount of funding is 50,000 euros.

All funded accompanying measures must be always adequately documented, for example participants' attendance at events.

If you are interested in implementing an accompanying measure, please contact your partner organisation in Germany directly.