17 Ziele – Projektübersicht

Alle weltwärts-Begegnungsprojekte nehmen eines der 17 Nachhaltigkeitsziele in den Fokus. In unserer Projektübersicht bekommen Sie weitergehende Informationen zu den geförderten Projekten. Vielleicht finden Sie auch Anregungen für Ihr eigenes Projekt?


wasseRecht - Das Recht auf Wasser

Saubere Wasser und Sanitäreinrichtungen

01.05.2017 - 31.12.2018

Pfadfinderinnenwerk St. Georg e. V.


Association des Guides du Rwanda


In partnership the AGR (Rwanda Girl Guides Association) and the Girl Guides of Germany (Pfadfinderinnenschaft St. Georg – PSG) launched an exchange programme entitled "Right to Water", aiming at raising awareness on the importance of water as a resource, it also advocates for its sustainable consumption. Rwandan participants first attended the national camp and project meetings in Germany in August 2017 to learn how water is used and sustained in that country.  The young women participated in several workshops on water, worked together and started to become a team. Once back in Rwanda, they formed a pool of young leaders from 16 districts which implemented a national action plan in their own districts, which mostly consisted on raising awareness on water responsible use, demonstration of how to fight against erosion and provision of basis material for water retention, etc. The project's first phase ended in July. The PSG team came to Rwanda for a summer camp 2018 during which a mutual exchange of information and experience with Rwandan Girl Guides took place. Multiple workshops on the use of water, games on water, the responsible use, upcycling etc. had been prepared for the camp. The group visited different communities in which the Rwandan participant had worked on the responsible use of water. The German participants created a workbook with activities and background information for other young people in their communities. The participants connected via social media and messenger services throughout the project and formed small working groups.

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