The Hope House

Land: Indien

Anprechpartner: Ruby Nakka

Adresse: 3/188, Shanthi Nagar, SIH-R & LC, Kandipedu Panchayat, Katpadi Taluk,
Vellore District - 632106

Telefon (Ländervorwahl!):: +919629471920

Facebook-Seite:: www.facebook.com/indiahopehouse

Website:: www.indiahopehouse.org

weltwärts-Partnerorganisation(en) in Deutschland



The Hope House is a registered charitable organization in India catering to children that needs care and protection. Hope House is a listed organization by GiveIndia, certified as 'God' NGO by Guidestar India.

Hope House caters to children in institutional care and community care. Our weltwarts volunteers mostly assist us in our institutional project. We have a separate housing facility with an attached bath and toilet for our weltwarts volunteers inside our premises which has a 24 hour security.