Youth First NPO

Land: Südafrika

Anprechpartner: Johnatan Barnes Chairperson / Mentor Volunteers

Adresse: 62 Adams Weg
Free State

Telefon (Ländervorwahl!):: +27744671382

Facebook-Seite:: Youth First NPO Oppermansdorp

weltwärts-Partnerorganisation(en) in Deutschland

Weltwärts South Africa


Youth First serve a poverty stricken rural community located in the South Free State Province in South Africa.Unemployment is high 90%, the majority of locals are dependent on social grants.No sport facilities or infrastructure for business initiatives or employment opportunities exist. Our program is focused on Child-Youth-Family development and welfare.

Provide a platform for artistic talents to be promoted. Explore the local talent of youth and children. Arrange holiday programmes for youth and children. Develop the potential of youth and children by doing different sport codes. Excursions to natural habitats in order to stimulate recreational needs of less fortunate youth .