Land: Malawi

Anprechpartner: Mcloud Zipute Chawinga

Adresse: P.O. Box 93, Katumbi, Rumphi. Malawi

Telefon (Ländervorwahl!):: +265888344304

Facebook-Seite:: www.web.facebook.com/Kachimbeka

Website:: www.kachimbekamalawi.weebly.com


Kachimbeka is a registered local non-governmental service providing organization (for non-profit) and currently operating in TA Katumbi and Sub-TA Zolokele areas within Rumphi district, Northern Malawi. It is headquartered in Traditional Authority Katumbi and operates within communities of TA Katumbi and Sub-TA Zolokele in Rumphi district, Northern Malawi.
Founded in July 2007, Kachimbeka is inspired by the vision that communities have their living standards improved through sustainable development initiatives.